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aerial images of iceland.

northern serenade.

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Happy birthday to you! Children at Dramatic Need celebrate with Lucky Sewehla on his birthday.

Dramatic Need has got talent

Doing Dramatic Scenarios. Preparing for Movie making workshops next week

What the body does not know cannot become a habit. Embodied work makes learning stick.

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8/13/2013 (11:31am)

The Child Who Never Played Says;

'I would curl up in a chair or, if I wasn't tired take a walk by myself. I loved to watch children play. It was more exciting to me than the best melodrama. Because we were with adults so much of the time, both Dorothy and I grew up too fast. I had no idea what to say to another child my own age. I was sensible and responsible but I never did learn how to play' (Viking Kestrel in An Actor’s Life for Me!)

Children and adults who have been through harrowing experiences do not know how to feel. If you ask them how they feel about something they tell you what they think instead. One of the greatest gifts Dramatic Need gives to her children is the gift of rediscovering feeling and beginning to feel again.

Transformation happens when we have understood why we feel the way we do and have done something about it. (BB)

Emotional Literacy is when you know how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. (BB)

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8/7/2013 (10:35am)

Children feel it the most in Zimbabwe

As the Zimbabwean political impasse remains unresolved all good people around the world are asking themselves questions about the welfare of the children. 

WOOHOOO!!! They did it!! in UNDER 24 hours!! 

phil drew ‏@pdidddy - you rock!!!

A MASSIVE congrats to our awesome trustee Phil Drew who this weekend - this very minute in fact - is scaling the heights of Mt Snowdon as part of his Three Peaks Challenge to climb the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours to raise money for Dramatic Need. What stamina, what calf muscles!! Come on twitter and tumblr followers - give him a helping hand! 

7/21/2013 (2:24pm) 4 notes

In their third and final week of teaching animation, Angee and Colin intoduced a new project involving puppets and dancing. The music was all composed by a returning student from week 1. The workshop took place at the Piet Patsa Art Center, Dramatic Need’s home near Rammulotsi, South Africa. Several projects from the week are included.

7/18/2013 (4:58pm)

Many people around the world today took time to do 67 minutes of goodness to commemorate Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela’s life to us is a reminder of the need for us not only to do our part but to also give others a chance to be the best they can be. 

We at Dramatic Need reminded ourselves of a few of his principles by watching some of his videos. We say happy birthday to you Tata and we wish you ever improving health.