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Monkeybiz is a non-profit, income-generating bead project started in January 2000 in South Africa. Monkeybiz is a unique project,  departing from the culture of mass-produced ‘curio craft’, the organisation focuses on the empowerment of woman and health development within South Africa. Monkeybiz has created sustainable employment for women in the most economically under-resourced areas of South Africa. Currently there are 450 bead artsists working for the organisation, and each bead piece they produce they are paid for regardless of whether it is successfully sold on. Most of the women are the sole bread winners of there families, and the majority are also HIV positive. The work that Monkeybiz is creating for these ladies is simply amazing. This project has been wildly successful in South Africa, particularly in Cape Town and we at Dramatic Need applaud the work both Monkeybiz and their creative beading ladies are doing!

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